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American English Videos/Grammar/10. Irregular Verbs
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Autor American English at State
Área Comunicación y Lenguaje L 3, Inglés
Tipo de licencia Estándar de YouTube
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Responsable de curación Editor
Última actualización 2015/08/29

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This lesson is about irregular verbs.

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0:05 Hey, I'm Andy, and I teach English.
0:09 Today's lesson is about my two best friends
0:14 and their irregular verbs.
0:17 My good friend Elise and I have known each other since high school.
0:24 Elise knows a lot about chemistry.
0:28 Back in school, she knew so much that she won
0:31 the science fair.
0:35 I had heard Patrick speak a few times,
0:39 but I had never spoken to him.
0:43 One day while I was shopping,
0:45 I heard a voice I knew.
0:49 I introduced myself and we spoke for a bit.
0:55 Some forms of the regular verb "to learn" include:
1:00 you learn, you learned, you have learned.
1:07 Some forms of the irregular verb "to teach" include:
1:13 they teach, they taught, they had taught
1:21 Some forms of "to know" include:
1:24 Elise knows, Elise knew, Elise has known
1:33 Some forms of the verb "to hear" include:
1:37 he hears, he heard, he had heard.
1:44 And some forms of the verb "to speak" include:
1:47 we speak, we spoke, we have spoken
1:54 All right, your turn.
1:57 Group the verbs by form. Click pause.
2:19 What other irregular verbs do you know?
2:24 This is American English, and thanks for watching.

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